Operation Wounded Warrior

Operation Wounded Warrior

Operation Wounded Warrior provides health and comfort items to the service men and women recovering from injuries sustained through their participation in the Armed Forces of the United States. For information on how you can help, email Info@Post149.org or simply click on the donate button below. 100% of your donation goes to help our injured troops.

Operation Wounded Warrior: Helping our Nation's Heroes

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Each Year, members of Post 149 and Auxiliary Unit 149 travel to the Sierra VA Medical Center in Reno, Nevada; to help our Wounded Warriors, while our counterparts in Arizona traveled to Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego.

Our goal is to expand Operation Wounded Warrior to other military and VA faculties in the region. We plan to return to Balboa with our Arizona counterparts and engage American Legion Posts in the northwest to support injured soldiers recovering at Madigan Army Hospital at Ft. Lewis, WA, as well as the Palo Alto VA Poly-Trauma Center in Palo Alto, California.

At the same time, we realize that there are thousands of our Wounded Warriors, right here in Las Vegas that need our help. As such, we have expanded our efforts under the banner of Operation Vegas Heroes: a Part of the American Legion Heroes to Hometown program.

In June 2005, Chapter 9 of the American Legion Riders in Arizona responded to a public service announcement by setting up collection points and placing an article in local papers. Chapters 2 and 36 became involved in July, and began the planning and working phases to personally deliver health and comfort items to our Wounded Warriors.

By Aug 10th, 2005, the ALR had received approval to access Camp Pendleton and were promised an escort across the base, while back home; people began collecting goods and cash donations for delivery.

Operation Wounded Warrior was born.

The success of the first Operation Wounded Warrior was obvious. The riders delivered over 600 cubic feet of health and comfort items to our troops.

In 2006, the riders, once again looking to help our troops, rode to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio Texas, for Operation Wounded Warrior 2006. Riders from Nevada, New Mexico and Texas joined in the effort, and delivered close to 2,000 cubic feet goods, along with $15,000 in gift cards to the wounded sons and daughters who had served in harm's way. In 2007, the riders topped $50,000 and even more goods were collected and delivered to our troops.

2008 Operation Wounded Warrior
2008 Operation Wounded Warrior

Reno Trip for OWW
Reno Trip for OWW

OWW Ft. Sam Houston
OWW Ft. Sam Houston

And the Beat Goes On:
You DO NOT need to be a Legion Rider to participate in this effort.

With thousands of service members injured in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, our work is not done. More heroes will come home and spend time at Brooke Army Medical Center Balboa Naval Hospital, Madigan Army Hospital, as well as other Military and Veterans Administration hospitals. Our efforts to help these men and women continue.

Long-Term Objective:
While American service men and women continue to serve their country and return home with injuries, the American Legion Riders strive to make Operation Wounded Warrior a national American Legion program that will involve every state ALR making a "local run" to their VA health centers and military health care facilities, delivering health and comfort items, along with gift cards to wounded and injured military service personnel.

Sadly, this is a worldwide problem; our troops needing support like this, instead of the government providing it, know no borders.

What our troops need (new items only):

Collect these and call us for pickup

  • Wal-Mart or AAFES Gift Cards ($50.00 increments)
  • Money to purchase gift cards
  • Personal Hygiene Items: such as mouthwash, deodorant (men and women's), toothpaste and toothbrushes, Q-tips and cotton balls, shampoo, conditioner, skin lotion, bar soap, sunscreen, razor blades, shaving cream, etc.
  • Sweat pants (with pockets; any pull-up type without buttons, snaps or zippers)
  • T-Shirts with pockets, white sweat socks (all sizes)
  • Men's briefs / ladies panties (all sizes), pajama bottoms (large and small)
  • Postage stamps and AA batteries
  • Portable CD and DVD players