Post 149 Around the World

Well, Post 149 didn't actually go places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Liberia, but our banners did. Members of Post 149 raised money for Operation Wounded Warriorat the Las Vegas Bike Fest, and ask people who donated to sign a banner for the troops.

Banner at Kunsan 2014


I'm SrA Kenneth Thiele and I want to first say thank you so very much for the banner. We have it hung up in our shop now so 55 people get to enjoy it every day. Each one of us are here for a year and can use all the encouragement we can get to remind us what were here for. A lot of the guys really liked the colorful notes on the banner from people around town there.

The people in this photo are some from our conventional shop, the people that build the bombs, chaff and flare, load 20mm rounds, and deliver all of it to the Aircraft. Others are from our storage shop that roam the bomb dumb and move everything in it to where it needs to be so others can build and maintain it. Noteworthy mention is the blond just above your seal on the banner came from Nellis ABF just a few weeks ago. I'm the one behind the camera.

We all hope you like the photo!

PS, The gentleman that had this sent was an AMMO troop from what I understand from my mother so for him we say. I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S.! (If You Ain't AMMO You Ain't Shit)

Thank you.
SrA Kenneth Thiele
USAF, Kunsan AB Korea

Stephen Massie Afghanastan 2013


My name is Stephen Massie, and I received the banner that was shipped to me Christmas Eve. First off, let me say Thank You for sending that to me. I cannot really put into words how amazing it is to see the support of everyone back home while myself and my fellow Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, and Marine Corps are deployed. It truly means a lot.

Attached is a picture of most of the people in my work center. Some are not pictured because they are forward deployed from here. A picture of the banner has been sent to them to show them the support that you have shown us.

Also, I would like to say Thank You to all of you who have served before us.

Thanks Again,
Stephen Massie.

Southern Italy TSgt Travis 2013

Wanted to send you all these pics of the Las Vegas American Legion Banner you all sent over. The family and I are stationed in Naples, Italy. There are only around 30 - 40 USAF personnel stationed here, spread over southern Italy. One of the few times most of us are able to get together is during the holidays. The photos were taken during our annual holiday dinner that was held at the La Contessa Restaurant.

We do rides to historic sites, and I plan on taking it to the next one I go on. I will send you more pics as we are able to take them. Also, if any of us get deployed, I will be sure to pass it along with them.

Wishing everyone merry yuletide greetings and happy new year.


Operation Onward Liberty Liberia 2013

I'd like to thank you for the banner that we at Operation ONWARD LIBERTY (OOL) received from Post 149. It is truly heart-warming and couldn't have come at a better time, right before the holiday season. OOL is a joint endeavor situated in Liberia, Africa with personnel from the Marine Corps, Army and Air Force. Our mission here is to mentor, advise and train the Liberian Army so they can be self-sustaining at the end of 2014. We are scattered throughout Liberia so it was impossible to get a photo with the whole team. I, along with the other troops in the photo attached, am assigned to the Armed Forces of Liberia headquarters in the capitol city of Monrovia.

Once again, thank you for the banner and to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Hopefully we'll all be home soon! Happy holidays from OOL to all of Post 149!

Capt Spaulding
Commander, 787th AES

Our banner made it into the skies over Afghanistan. It is distinct honor to have one of our Air Force pilots honor us by flying our banner over Afghanistan.

Here, an F-15E Strike Eagle, flown by Major Drew Morrison, an Air Force pilot from Carson City, Nevada, proudly displays our banner in the sky. And yes, Major Morrison is a new member of the Department of Nevada.

Banner in the sky

Notice the bombs under the belly and the Sidewinder missile under the wing? IYAAYAS!

F-15E photo

Our Air Force Pilots are awesome!!!



I hope we have done the banner justice. The wall that is further out in the foreground is the separation between our side and theirs. We don't get much action acrossed it but we have suffered one hostile fire injury in the Battalion. It was not serious, but those that stand watch are not "safe" and we continue to be vigilante as others have before us and as others will after we a long removed from this area of operation.

We are proud to serve and this was a good photo opportunity as this was our "Combat Patch" ceremony and it represented our transition into the pages of "Brothers in Arms." Again, thanks for your support. I hope to see you sometime on a visit through Las Vegas, if I get the chance.


SFC Rick Schirmer
Detachment First Sergeant