Code of Conduct

The American Legion Paradise Post 149 serves our community, state, and nation through the principles laid out in the Aims and Purposes of the American Legion's four Pillars: Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation (VA&R), Children and Youth (C&Y), Americanism, and National Security.

Our Post is an independent organization that is part of the association called The American Legion. Our Post has no affiliation with, and has no obligation to associate with, any other organizations, and operates independently to meet our goals. Members looking to be all inclusive should look to membership in another Post.

The Chain of Command begins with the Post Commander, and will not be broken. Doing so undermines the authority of the Commander, and is considered disloyalty and conduct unbecoming a Legionnaire.

Only the Post Commander speaks on behalf of the Post unless the Commander delegates that authority to another person. No member may commit our Post to support any activity or organization without the expressed permission of the Commander or Executive Board.

All Post members publicly represent Post 149 and should do so in a professional manner.

All disputes or issues concerning Post management or affairs shall remain within the Post. A member who has an issue or dispute concerning Post business shall present the issue or dispute to the Post Executive Board or a Member-at-Large in writing. No outside individuals shall be contacted without first giving the Executive Board the opportunity to address an issue or dispute. Officers of District 2 and the Department of Nevada work for us, not the other way around, and they have no authority to intervene in our internal affairs. Requests for their support or involvement fall solely to the Post Commander.

Our Post chooses which programs, organizations, and events we support, and are not compelled to support other Posts or organizations. Recommendations for approval to support other organizations are decided by the Executive Board, which gives priority to those organizations that reciprocate with their support.

All agenda items to be presented at the general membership meeting are discussed at the Executive Board Meeting prior to the general membership meeting. Requests for inclusion of agenda items shall be given to the Post Commander or Post Adjutant, or Member-at-Large prior to the E-Board Meeting.

Communication with Post members is a privilege and is restricted to official Post business. Members will not be contacted without first obtaining their permission to do so. Requests for dissemination of information shall be made through the Post Adjutant or Commander, and any exceptions to that shall be at the direction of the Executive Board.

The Post actively uses social networking to communicate with our members and the outside world. There is no expectation of privacy on Post members' personal social networking sites. Slander, defamation and disparaging remarks aimed at the Post or our members is considered conduct unbecoming a Legionnaire.

Our Post recognizes the organization called the American Legion Auxiliary. The Auxiliary is our mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and nieces, and is part of the American Legion Family. However, because they are not all members of the same Auxiliary Unit, we do not give preference to any specific Auxiliary Unit.

Adopted in General Session, October 13, 2012